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in love with a kind of beauty it takes more than eyes to know

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1. To come down and settle, as after flight: a sparrow alighting on a branch.
2. To come by chance: alight on a happy solution.

1. Burning; lighted: The discarded match was still alight.
2. Illuminated: The sky was alight with millions of stars.

Film || Amelie, Atonement, Babel, La Belle et La Bete, The Double Life of Veronique, Edward Scissorhands, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Ever After, Me and You and Everyone We Know, Moulin Rouge, Never Been Kissed, Once, Pan's Labyrinth, Paris je t'aime, Persepolis, Pride & Prejudice, Run Lola Run, The Science of Sleep, Speak, Stardust, A Very Long Engagement, V for Vendetta

Literature || Speak [Anderson], Oryx and Crake [Atwood], Alias Grace [Atwood], The Handmaid's Tale [Atwood], Wuthering Heights [Bronte], The Hours [Cunningham], The Farming of Bones [Danticat], The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane [Dicamillo], The Virgin Suicides [Eugenides], The Little Prince [Exupery], White Oleander [Finch], The Great Gatsby [Fitzgerald], Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close [Foer], The Sandman [Gaiman], Bee Season [Goldberg], The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time [Haddon], No one belongs here more than you [July], Girl Interrupted [Kaysen], The History of Love [Krauss], Interpreter of Maladies [Lahiri], Gathering Blue [Lowry], The Giver [Lowry], The Time Traveler's Wife [Niffenegger], The Things They Carried [O'Brien], How to Breathe Underwater [Orringer], The Bell Jar [Plath], Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life [Rosenthal], Harry Potter [Rowling], The Catcher in the Rye [Salinger], Like the Red Panda [Seigel], Blankets [Thompson], The Velveteen Rabbit [Williams], She [Williams]

Music || Philip Glass!

What's going to happen? I'm going to love you as long as you'll let me, and I'll teach you a little about literature and about real music, and then you'll break my heart.